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Creative designs that fit today's lifestyle.

As life and the world are constantly changing around us, so are we. We change as individuals, couples, families and businesses. Sometimes we grow, we age, and sometimes we downsize, but inevitably, we always change. The one thing that stays consistent is the desire to be comfortable. This is where many people struggle. They struggle on how to make their lives, their homes, their families, and their businesses comfortable and appealing during times of constant change. Christie Schultz Interiors has a passion for comfort through the art of interior design. Livable spaces in a home or business must meet today’s lifestyle. Homes have to be comfortable to come home to after a long, exhausting day. They must also accommodate growing families with busy lifestyles, hosting large occasions, and give individuals good, warm vibes. Businesses must work and function for staff and clientele alike. Interior spaces must be well designed and thoughtfully created to achieve all of this.


Accompanying each client every step of the way during the planning and selection stages of their project ensures that all the fine details are well thought out, and the space(s) truly flow. Christie Schultz Interiors is committed to having our clients experience, throughout the transformation of their project, a stress and worry-free process as possible. Our philosophy is that spaces should function fabulously, have a great vibe about them, and be comfortable to live in.  They need to be just as amazing to your eye as they are to live or work in. Your interior should be a definition of who you are.


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