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Christie designed our kitchen. She did an excellent job taking photos we collected from various websites and magazine photos, finding the common theme and then designing our dream kitchen! She was great to work with!!! I don't doubt she will help many happy customers!!

~ Katie B. 



We have had Christie design a bathroom and a kitchen for us over the past few years. We were delighted with the outcome in each case. Both were practical in design and function and also very attractive in terms of aesthetic beauty. We are very fond of Christie as she was wonderful to work with. We found her to be professional and extremely efficient. She is a person with great common sense and she conducts herself with sincerity and warmth. We will look forward to working with Christie when we need to update our home in the future. 

~ Peggy and Lou 

Christie is a pleasure to work with. Her personality is warm and fun-loving while her expertise in interior design is second to none. She has an incredible ability to visualize a finished space. She listens to my thoughts while gently pushing me out of my comfort zone with some of her great design ideas. I've used her services three times now and the results are always fantastic!​

~ Kristen


"Christie is a consummate professional and an ultimate pleasure to work with on all levels! Exquisite taste is also a definitive trait Christie displays in her work and she truly has the passion for the field of design. I would highly recommend Christie C. Schultz Interiors to all for their personal design needs!"
~ Christine, Southbury, CT


We worked with Christie on renovating our 1980’s era Great Room and were ecstatic on how gorgeous everything turned out!  Christie made it very easy for us: she spent time getting to know us and our style preferences and then went out and found just what we were looking for.  For every choice (floor, paint color, fabric, lighting), Christie did the leg work and brought us 2-3 choices.  This was just the kind of help we were looking for as we are two busy professionals and didn’t have the time or the interest in spending weekends doing the legwork ourselves.  Christie’s taste is excellent and it showed in all of her recommendations.  


Our friends and family are amazed at the room’s transformation.  It is gorgeous and we love spending time there.  We have Christie to thank as we could have never created something so beautiful by ourselves!

~ Lynn & Chris


“A master at her craft, Christie took our bathroom and transformed it into a tranquil haven! From the floor, shower, bath, mirrors, lighting fixtures, to the décor on the counters, each item was selected with warmth and relaxation in mind.  How refreshing to start the work day in a room that instills relaxation and invigoration in the body even as you head to the office!”

~ MJ


Christie came highly recommended and she did not disappoint. Christie understands that it is not just about polishing the stone and getting it to shine but to use the space to create a piece of art that took advantage of all its charms and follies and make it personally ours. Because of what we uncovered after the fact, recalibrating was an arduous, slow, expensive and many times frustrating process but Christie never lost sight of the prize. Her goal was to create a warm, comfortable, stylish home that took advantage of our magnificent lake views and serene surroundings. Her recommendations were spot on and her eye for mixing tone and mediums helped pull everything together. Christie is a true professional with not just an understanding of space and aesthetics, but also with an attention to detail that ensures that there are no anachronisms and that style and comfort are easily blended.  The choices we made with her help and guidance are beautiful, sophisticated, sturdy but most importantly, functional! Christie and her staff also operate with the highest degree of integrity so I am never concerned about over billing, hidden costs or unwanted surprises. I  would highly recommend.

~ Joy-Marie


I met Christie a few years ago, I was initially looking for new cabinets and got so much more than I bargained for. Christie is so personable and she really listens to what you are saying. In the very 1st meeting, she sat with me, and we "lived" in the idea of my new kitchen. I gave her my list of "must haves" and when she came back with the beautifully drawn plans, it was exactly what I wanted. And 5 years later, it is still exactly what I wanted - the kitchen of my dreams! My husband loves it so much, that he actually started cooking!!! I will never be tired of this kitchen. Beside Christie's vibrant personality, she has impeccable organization and communicating skills. She handles everything like a Pro. I have never had to worry about a thing. Currently, she has redesigned my powder room and I know it will be a home run.  She has great taste, but more importantly she tailors that taste to her clients - Christie truly loves what she does and you can always take her at her word! You will be very lucky to have a chance to be in her capable hands and to see your vision come to life, it is very exciting!

~ Andrea 



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