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My passion for interior design truly started at a young age. I can recall pushing and rearranging furniture around my childhood home as soon as I had the physical endurance to do so. Thinking back to my childhood, I also recall the countless times I rearranged accessories in a placement that was more appealing to the eye. I always looked forward to calling my parents into a space and explaining to them that it just felt and looked SO much better. I constantly adjusted wall art, area rugs, pillows, and throws that were slightly askew. I probably drove everyone nuts, but my natural gift for vision and detail served me well in my life, and especially my career. At sixteen years of age, I opted for new bedroom décor instead of a car or sweet sixteen party. Reel-to-reel home video tapes capture me as a toddler, obsessing over ornaments and fringes on the Christmas tree, oblivious to the toys and presents around me. I guess it’s safe to say that I was hard-wired to appreciate space and details, and my destiny as a designer was set in play long before anyone realized it. I thank God for the gift He has given to me, and feel blessed to have found my passion and continued career path. 


With a degree in Interior Design, I decided to continue my education in business, studying marketing and management. The combined studies enabled me to understand that I not only needed education in the interior design field, but also needed to understand how to properly operate projects with a balanced business approach. As a member of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers), NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association), local Chambers of Commerce, and collaboration with women in business, I am constantly attending trade shows, workshops, seminars, and reading publications. I understand the essence of continuing education, broadening my knowledge, and to never grow stale. With over 25 years of experience in the interior design business, I do consider myself a seasoned veteran, and feel it is my responsibly to give back. I encourage young design students to join me in attending trade seminars, and gladly help and mentor them as they excitingly start their career paths and dreams. I feel strongly that fabulous design is something that not only everyone should strive to achieve, but also be inspired by. When traveling, I always seek out design studios and boutiques in order to visit and admire other professionals work. I feel we all need to support one another in a positive way.


Many designs that I’ve worked on have been selected and included on home tours throughout the tristate area, as well as published. Personal interests of mine include traveling the globe, while gaining inspiration from what I observe, collecting art, reading, culinary, entertaining, and most importantly, spending time with family and friends.



  • Appearances in 'At Home' magazine

  • Appearances in national 'House Beautiful' Kitchen of the month 

  • Appearances in many kitchen and home tours throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut



Committed to Excellence


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